General: Integrated into any gas feeder are vacuum regulators which are used to reduce chlorine, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, or carbon dioxide gas under pressure to a vacuum. All vacuum gas feed provides safety in gas handling at water and wastewater treatment and other applications.

Vacuum Regulator Functions:

A. Reduction of gas pressure to a regulated vacuum.

B. Safety shut-off of gas pressure upon loss of vacuum.

C. Vacuum regulator pressure relief.

D. Isolation of vacuum regulator via the vacuum sealing valve.

Series 200
Series 200 Vacuum gas feeder

Series 200

Logo SVG icon Brief SpecificationThe gas feeder design shall be of the vacuum operated, solution feed type. The gas feeder shall be constructed of materials suitable for dry gas service. All springs…

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Series NXT3000

Series NXT3000 Vacuum Gas Feeder Modular design gas feed system with self-contained automatic switchover capability. The Series NXT3000 Gas Feed System is a family of vacuum-operated, solution-feed gas dispensing components including a vacuum…

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Series 480

480-Vacuum Gas Feeder DN-CC Brief Specification The chlorinator design shall be of the vacuum operated, solution feed type. The chlorinator shall be constructed of materials suitable for wet or dry…

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